The REAL me...

My IQ is peaking at a gazing 124 units... (on an english test)

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions I answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test, relative to others.
My Intellectual Type is Inspired Inventor. This means I've got exceptional verbal and mathematical skills, and am very good at brainstorming new ideas.

Another test politely states that:
I am the most sympathetic and self-sacrificing of souls.  I have a good imagination and good receptivity to others.  I have a poetic otherworldliness which can come out in some creative or idealistic channel.  I have a deep, emotional understanding of others and a real will to serve.
I need to be careful, though, that I`m not so suggestible that I fall into self-pitying and avoidance behavior.  I should try to develop concentration and discipline without losing my easygoing demeanor. Once I am determined to reach a goal, my faith in life, the universe and myself can give me the strength of character to renounce anything that gets in the way.
Woa! so you better watchout when I am driving my rented Moonraker-rocket...

Concerning my career, another test stated:
My Strongest Career Skill is traditional -- concentrating and organizing
Utilizing my strongest career skill allows me to feel involved with my work and satisfied that I am operating "on all cylinders."

And yet another test stated that;
My mind is reflective to the point of being chameleon-like. Why?  Because I think with my feelings and translate thoughts into something at the core of my being.  I don't just imitate, I become.  I have an artistic and very attenuated manner of communicating.  I have an openness and can incorporate several points of view.  I often see the humor in a situation and I am also good at expressing it.  I adjust to changes at a profound level.  I only need to be concerned about this if I find myself becoming confused or lazy.  This is the sign that I am repressing my own insights while accepting someone else's.  I should try to gain a detached look at my own drives when this happens.

and - as a last undermining bonus treat, a german test said that;
I belong to the group of:
and my type is a:

My behaviors are:
helpfull, idealistic, soothing, withdrawn, loyal,
perfectionistic, creativ and emotional.

So. Now you now all of me! err... almost.