The Romantic trombones appear about 1820-1850. Then the military bands were high in favour, and thus needed bigger and louder instruments. Sometimes the bell of tenor-trombones from 1850 are as big as the biggest bass-trombone bells of today. Even though the bore of the instrument stayed narrow, the sound is suddenly radically changed.

Lätsch - Alto trombone model sl750

The trombone evolution is most probably evolving in germany and england. France seem to have kept their narrow bored trombones as long as into the 1920s. Often the german builders had special building techniques that they kept on to, and still try to use today.The First german brass-builders emigrate to america, and start their first companies. This will later make the ground for the "modern" trombone - as it is known today.

Music from 1830 and onwards can be played, and should be played on romantic trombones. For german music as far as 1960 / 70. The sound is a bit Darker then the American style trombones, but seem to blend better with the rest of the orchestra. It takes a while to get used to the slightly different trombones, but if the whole group play on them - it can be well worth trying!